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Double Trillium

Three Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise


This "Inspiration" rose displays a unique pattern on its petals.

Brown Eyes

This Brown-Eyed Susan and buds were captured at Mathai Botanical Gardens.

Dahlia Detail 6

Photographing with a telephoto lens and a large aperature resulted in the capture of these macro images of a dahlia.


This lovely Fuschia is on display at Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Michigan - home of a beautiful MSU botanical garden and conservatory

Orange Hibiscus

This lovely Hibiscus is on display at Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Michigan - home of a beautiful MSU botanical garden and conservatory.

Orange Zinnia

This zinnia is one of many flowers and other botanicals in the display gardens at Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Michigan .

Passion Flower in Your Face

A top down view of a perfect Passion Flower and bud in the conservatory at Hidden Lake Gardens, in Tipton, Michigan.

Passion Flower

The Passion Flower has an irresistable form and color.

Star Fish Cactus

This rare and unusual Star Fish Cactus is found at the Mathai Botanical Gardens, a part of U of M in Ann Arbor. It was in bloom during the latter part of September and beginning of October, 2005.

Water Lily

This macro shot of the common water lily was taken from a dinghy in the LaCloche River in Ontario, Canada.

Coral Striped Paphiopedilum

A lovely example of a cultivar of the Paphiopedilum Orchid.

Orange Phragmipedium

Phragmipediums are among the most dramatic orchids and this orange beauty is no exception.

Phalaenopsis Group of Four

A monochrome version of a prolific bloomer in my home.

Pink Paphiopedilum

Beautiful orchid blooms from Green Acres Orchids.

Red-Orange Paphiopedilum

The brilliant red-orange of these Paphiopedilum is breathtaking.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

The color version of the Phalaenopsis reveals its delicate tonal qualities.

Spider Orchid

The interesting form of this Encyclia Cochliata orchid has resulted in the common name "Spider Orchid".

Striped Paphiopedilum

Another variety of Paphiopedilum, I found this at the Palm Sunday Orchid Show at Laural Park Mall in Livonia, Michigan.

Pragmipedium Grande

This impressive orchid always catches the eye, because the length of the spiraling petals on the Grande form can reach over two feet.

Nodding Trillium

Trillium are a springtime favorite wildflower. The Nodding Trillium here was found in the Smoky Mountains National Park and captured by lying on my belly on the wet forest floor. But worth it!

Ram's Head Orchid

This rare and protected beauty is small and close to the wet forest floor in northern lower Michigan. When viewed from the front, it looks strikingly like the Dodge Ram truck emblem.

Orange Peaked Mushroom

One of many small fungi of various forms, colors and textures found on the lowest three inches of the damp forest floor.